I'm Jeffrey

Product Designer
Lead UX Designer
Product Strategist
Freelance Designer
Design Researcher
Exhibit Designer
Service Designer
UX Design Intern

at PNC Bank
Module Housing
BNY Mellon
Center of Life
Carnegie Museums
American Eagle

in Pittsburgh
New Jersey

Design Values.

Advocate Relentlessly

  • Use design to give voice to the underserved & marginalized
  • Value inclusivity & listen to whom you’re designing
  • Advocate for design though leadership & best practices
  • Frame design solutions with business ROI’s

Over Communicate

  • Never design in a vacuum
  • Collaborate proactively for holistic & consistent solutions
  • Understand the problem space
  • Be honest when unsure

Evidence vs. Opinion

  • Minimize assumptions
  • Leverage UX Data/Analytics
  • Weigh business requirements vs. user needs/goals
  • Support qualitative feedback with quantitative data

Embrace Critique

  • Always Ask "Why"
  • Play Devil's Advocate
  • Challenge business, industry, design, and societal norms
  • Consider the broader implications of solutions