We Are Nature:

Welcome to the Anthropocene.

Interaction, Exhibit Design, Spatial UX, Research - Winter 2018


Carnegie Musuem of Natural History.

The Anthropocene:

a proposed term for the present geological epoch (from the time of the Industrial Revolution onwards), during which humanity has begun to have a significant impact on the environment


Learning about the Anthropocene can be overwhelming. How do you funnel emotions into action? Partnering with Carnegie Museum of Natural History's "We are Nature: Welcome to the Anthropocene" exhibit (debuting October 2017) a concept using the psychological Stages of Grief was conceptualized, providing a space for reflection and processing after taking in overwhelming scientific information.



While in a group consisting of decision scientists, and information systems engineers, I was the sole designer, leading the systems design, design research efforts, and brainstorming, translating insights into a solution. A sub-responsibility of my role, was also to educate my peers in design methodologies and process. To some, the creative, non-linear, process was new, and frustrating.


Focusing on people who are different and changing lives by challenging the status quo.

Bringing theme and Mission Into the Brand

TED has grown to a global brand, embracing ideas worth sharing from people around the world. Their TEDx sub-brand empowers people around the globe to organize independent events. These events inspire anyone to form themes, relevant to their context. Our event is called "Embracing Innovation", focusing on the 'why' of status quo's and showcasing ideas that are changing lives around thriving community in the City of Pittsburgh.

Being an independently organized TEDx event, we wanted to inject some of our theme into our brand. Currently, there are a lot of 'cookie-cutter' TEDx events, precedents for how to craft a TED talk and how the stage should be setup. We want to be experimental and provocative with the branding, both in the physical and digital space.



As a team, we wanted to take some liberties and break the typical norms of a clean-cut event page, and deciding to take a more playful approach, almost a bit experimental in layout and feel. We're trying to invoke the feeling of the theme: "Embracing Innovation" in both touch-points between the event space and the event page. The website can be viewed here: TEDxStripDistrict


Event Space

The Event space is called "Our Clubhouse" a hub for any person whose lives are touched by cancer. It's a safe place for support, relaxation, fun, and peace. "Our Clubhouse" is making a major difference in the Pittsburgh community in a tangible manner, that really resonated with our theme. Along with their mission, their space is located within an old steel foundry, extremely evocative of Pittsburgh's deep history as a steel production powerhouse. This was the perfect confluence between mission, history, and innovation.


The space itself was chosen because along with the web branding, we wanted to do something a bit different with the event space as well. Rather than just a auditorium with a stage, "Our Clubhouse" provides a overlooking balcony and lounge space below. It's quite a challenge to figure out how to hold an event in here, but opens up the creative liberty we may be able to take with what a TEDx Talk experience has to be like.  It's not traditional, but that's perfect for our inaugural event.

In Progress - stay tuned for more!

February 9, 2018

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Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.

-bill moyers